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I am living in a town called Boryeong. It is somewhere in South Korea about two hours and three minutes south of Seoul. You can get to this area by bus from the Central City Express Bus Terminal in Seoul. Most airport buses end up there. Central City is a modern bus station loaded with shopping, and eateries. If you get stuck in Central City late at night, don't worry. Just ask someone where the Central City Sauna is and for less than ten thousand won, you can stay the night and have a luxurious bath. If you want me as your tour guide for the day, send me an e-mail at jeffreytaos@gmail.com and I'll meet you at the station. The big event here is in the summertime where the MUD FESTIVAL attracts thousands of visitors. I'll host more than one of you at this time. Just treat me to a sauna or a meal. I have a small apartment fifteen minutes from the beach. My interest so far is temples. In that regard, I can help you out the most, though I have only been to a few. Hopefully, I will see more. I can get you through the transportation confusion though if you want to visit any of the places I have been As I see more, I'll put up the pics. Cheers.

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